Forever license

$1,800.00 + Yearly renewal fee
  • Permenant license
  • Node-locked to the individual
  • Support & updates included for first year

About Forever Licenses

Your license is a node-locked individual license that comes with a year’s worth of updates and support. Once that year is up, you can keep using the last version of our tool that you downloaded, until the end of all time.

About renewals

All of our licenses come with auto-renewal to help you stay up to date with new product versions and support. If you’d rather not auto-renew your license, please let us know and we'll disable it for you.

License FAQ

  • Where can I find the End User License Agreement (EULA)?
    You can read our End User License Agreement at This is a legal contract between us, Glassbox, author of the software application, and you, user of the application.
  • How long does my Forever license last for?
    When you purchase a Forever License that means you are buying a perpetual license of our software. Forever Licenses get free updates and support for the first year, and if not renewed after the first year, they give you the right to permanently use the last version of the software available before your renewal expired. If you keep your Forever License current with annual renewals, you will always have access to support and new product versions in addition to your perpetual license rights.
  • My license came with auto-renewal, what happens if I don’t want to renew my license?
    At purchase our licenses have auto-renewal turned on automatically, to make sure your access to new versions and updates doesn’t accidentally run out. If you don’t wish to renew email us at and we'll cancel the autorenewal for you.
  • Do I need to renew my license to receive fixes?
    For the first year access to product updates and support are included with your purchase. But if you choose not to renew your access to updates and support will run out.
  • If I cancelled my renewal, but want to access new versions and support can I purchase a new renewal?
    If you cancelled your renewal, but want to get back up to date with new product versions and support contact us on for a quote.
  • Can I use my license on both my workstation and laptop?
    Our licenses are node-locked, individual licenses and are therefore tied to one machine. If you need to take your license on a job with you contact us on and we’ll get you set up for a courtesy mobile license to ensure you can use your license when you’re on the go.
  • What if I change computers and want to transfer my license?
    To make sure you don’t get stuck when you change computer, you can transfer your license to up two new machine ID’s in any given year. Please request a license transfer via
  • What is a node-locked, individual license?
    Our node-locked, individual licenses are RLM licenses that are tied to one specific computer at a time. When you purchase one of our licenses, it will get tied to the first computer on which you run it, via that computer's machine ID.
  • Can I buy floating licenses for my team to share?
    If you’re looking for floating license options for large teams, please contact
  • Are there discounts for education and students?
    We’re committed to helping students, teachers and Academic institutions experience the power of our tools. With our education discounts, students and teachers can get licenses for up to 90% off our commercial prices. Contact for more information.