Glassbox and Unreal

Over the past few months, we’ve been working even closer with Epic Games to ensure that we’re supporting the latest Unreal Engine initiatives. With the release of MetaHuman Creator, we just wanted to make sure you were aware of all that’s been going on at Glassbox.

Live Client and Epic’s MetaHumans

Last week, Epic released its MetaHuman Creator platform into Early Access, and we were ready with Live Client. Live Client is the link between Faceware Studio and Unreal Engine that helps bring life to your MetaHuman faces in real time. Using patented computer-vision technology and techniques, Live Client and Faceware Studio automatically track video of a performer’s face and stream real-time animation onto your digital humans directly in the Unreal Engine, allowing you to create amazing live characters for any type of content, such as broadcast and interactive events, and empowering actors and directors to instantly see and review digital performances on-set.

To get started, request a trial of Live Client and Faceware Studio, and have a look at this article on how to get up and running: “Working with MetaHumans.”

DragonFly 2.0 and Unreal Engine

DragonFly is a professional virtual camera solution used by studios globally to view computer-generated environments, character performances, and scenes as if they were using a camera in the real-world. And now, with Epic’s release of MetaHuman Creator, you can create stunning DragonFly shots and cinematography with even more lifelike virtual characters.

The latest release of DragonFly includes many features exclusively designed to improve DragonFly for Unreal Engine:

  • You can override the native tracking inputs and get to work with your tracking solution of choice using our Custom Tracking Input API
  • With new PIE support for Livelink Data Streaming, you can now include live mocap in your virtual camera session, whether you’re working with an optical mocap system or an at-home volume.
  • Our new Blueprint API extension helps you build in further customizations to your virtual camera session.

Learn more about the latest release of DragonFly for Unreal and take a 30-day trial today.

BeeHive 1.5 and Unreal Engine

BeeHive complements Unreal Engine’s Multi-User Editing functionality with tools that support Unreal to Unreal and Unreal to Maya collaboration, as well as powerful versioning, review and data management capabilities. Combine BeeHive and DragonFly to create a virtual world for your MetaHumans and collaborate on staging, performances and camera work with ease and efficiency.

As of the latest release, it’s never been easier to collaborate as a team with BeeHive and Unreal Engine:

  • The addition of Unreal Permissive Type Support enables Unreal-native actors and components to be fully synchronized across multiple instances of the engine.
  • Permissive Type Support also takes syncing and collaboration across Unreal Engine and Maya to the next level.

Learn more about the latest release of BeeHive for Unreal and take a 30-day trial today.

What’s Next?

Soon, we’ll have another important update –– DragonFly 2.5, exclusively for Unreal Engine and Maya –– that will further enhance the connection between Unreal Engine and our software. Stay tuned!