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Glassbox Floating License Guide

This step by step guide is designed to provide you with a detailed breakdown of the workflow to get started with Glassbox floating licenses. Should you need further support please contact us via our support form.

Setting Up Your Floating License Server

Step 1: Glassbox Server Admin Activation


Destination Folder for newly created Floating Server License(s). Defaults to “C:\ProgramData\Glassbox”. Update by pressing Widget B.


Press to open Folder Selection Dialog. Select Destination Folder for Floating Server License(s). Updates Widget A.


Select the product to license. Defaults to “Beehive”.


Paste in Activation Key(s) here, one on each line.


Press to activate all Activation Keys listed in Widget D


See results of activation process here. Application will also write this data to a log file, in the output directory listed in Widget A.

  1. If you have not already, Purchase a BeeHive license from Glassbox website from here.
  2. Ensure proper connection to the internet. This application requires a connection to external servers in order to function. Without access to the outer network, product will report failure.
  3. Download Glassbox Server Admin Administration software from here.
    1. Included in this will be a series of DLL files. Please keep those with the ServerAdminActivations.exe file.
    2. Please note: This product will not activate floating licenses for non-Glassbox activation keys. This software was built specifically for use with Glassbox activations.
  4. Copy your Activation Key(s) into Widget D of software (see above diagram).
    1. Each Activation Key needs to be on its own line.
    2. All Activation Keys will be delivered in the form of xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx (four groups of four numbers).
    3. For licenses purchased via the Glassbox website, you can find your Activation key in your account, here.
    4. For licenses purchased via a Glassbox Sales Representative, you can find your Activation key in your Order Confirmation Email.
  5. Press the Activate button.
  6. Watch activations complete in the Output Log (Widget F).
  7. Each Activation Key will be written to a separate file and named: Beehive-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.lic
  8. If you have multiple Activation Keys, they are NOT compiled into a single Floating Server License file. This is unnecessary and will be covered in the next section on starting the license server.
  9. When all activations are complete, the contents inside the Output Log will be saved to a file inside the directory listed in Widget A.
  10. The log file is named:
  11. An example of what your output folder might look like after activating the server licenses

Step 2: Floating License Server Set Up


Run in CMD.EXE window


Run RLM.exe command. Use “-c” flag for pointing to license directory


The name of your license server will be here


The list of all licenses found


Started server using the “opaque” product moniker (aka, ISV name)


The hostid of the server computer running rlm.exe


The list of license files to be used with the “opaque” ISV moniker and “beehive” product


Successful check-out and check-in of a floating license

  1. Download the RLM Server application, here.
  2. Start the server and point it to the previously created license Destination Folder

Use this command: rlm.exe -c “C:\PATH\TO\YOUR\LICENSES”

For further reading on how to administer a floating license server on your network, please read the technical documentation from Reprise Software, here.