Our co-founder and CEO, Norman Wang was interviewed by our friends at CGPro for their podcast, episode 41 "Solving the Virtual Production Data Problem".

Here are some highlights of the episode:

0:00 Introduction

0:24 Introduction of guest

1:11 Early inspirations in film and technology

7:50 Confidence in interactive technologies and games

9:55 Indication of going the right way in difficult moments

13:03 Accomplishments as reminders

15:10 Finding and keeping a good team

25:44 Forced into being remote

27:34 Hands on as an engineer vs. managing

32:32 Interesting problems

38:31 Built products

43:58 Scene formats

50:20 Suite of tools and dragonfly

53:58 Something which will work with multiple platforms

55:02 Questions about NASA

58:31 Opportunities to tell stories

1:00:16 Things to look out for from Glassbox

1:04:13 Outro