Glassbox Tech's Product Manager, Johannes Wilke, joins CGPRO for a special episode to showcase DragonFly, our professional cross-platform virtual camera plugin for Unreal Engine and Maya. With DragonFly, you can use an iPad or other camera tracking devices to film in a virtual world, making it easier to create natural camera movements without tedious keyframing. DragonFly is widely used throughout the virtual production industry due to its streamlined virtual camera workflow, delivering a more advanced, creative and productive cinematography experience that offers major gains for indie creators and studios alike.

In this episode, Johannes walks viewers through an overview of DragonFly's workflow, including recording, reviewing, smoothing, and rating takes. His pro tips and examples creating camera shots, demonstrate the intuitive and true-to-life camera workflow that seamlessly integrates with your virtual production pipeline.

Highlights of the Episode:

00:17 What is a Virtual camera?

01:34 What's special about DragonFly?

02:30 Unreal Engine plugin

02:49 DragonFly components & setup

04:45 Project setup

05:16 Moving the DragonFly camera

06:49 Recording, reviewing, smoothing and rating takes

07:31 Reviewing takes

08:41 Taking snapshots

10:13 Scaling your view

10:56 Efficient VCam Workflow Summary

12:17 DragonFly platforming tool

16:49 Recording Speed

18:37 Exporting Workflow

20:51 Example Edit

23:10 Lens Simulation (Distortion & Anamorphic)

24:37 More to Explore